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Where Now? (2018)

A Series of inflatable icebergs commissioned by The Wilson Gallery, Cheltenham. Funded by Arts Council England.

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10,000 years. It will take 10,000 years for this iceberg to biodegrade. Set them afloat on an Antarctic Sea and it’s likely they will outlive us. Sinking, melting, rising, falling, filling up and spreading out. Landscape is made and unmade in an endless cycle of forgetting and remembering. What happens when ice forgets cold? What happens when water forgets to freeze? What happens when glaciers forget their shape and birds forget to sing? This iceberg is an artwork. This iceberg is an in inflatable. This iceberg is a provocation, a call to arms.


This work is the product of a ‘disruptive’ artist commission at The Wilson Gallery, Cheltenham. As ‘disruptive artist’I undertook a residency at The Wilson, in order to create a new artwork in response to their collection of objects relating to Dr Edward Adrian Wilson: scientist, artist and Antarctic Explorer. A museum can be a subdued place, with low light, and a hushed atmosphere - and absolutely no touching the objects! I wanted to create something big, bright and fun, something tactile and unusual that will hopefully inspire people to look at the Wilson collection with fresh eyes, and encourage them to have conversations about sustainability and the politics of preservation. 

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